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The Ontological Leader

The Ontological Leader invites us to open the covers of our life, so we can find the marvels inside. It invites us to explore our life as an ongoing narrative, where we can constantly refine the inner landscape of our being. The human soul is the hidden side of business.

May 27, 2019

When she was growing up, Ros wanted to be a vet or a scientist, but her fascination with human behavior and neuroscience led her to a career in organizational development, specializing in improving business outcomes by developing individuals, teams and organizations.

After more than 20 years in corporate human resources and organizational development roles, a successful battle with cancer gave Ros the nudge to take her passion for transforming leaders and improving how individuals and organizations cope with change in a new direction.

Leaving her senior corporate role in 2012, Ros established her consulting business, Shaping Change, to achieve her goals.

Ros is a solution and results oriented facilitator, with expertise spanning strategic planning, leadership development, organizational culture, change management, emotional intelligence and employee engagement.

She is also a talented executive and leadership coach, with current coaching clients at executive and senior levels in Government agencies, private enterprise and the community sector.

Recently, Ros felt compelled to look deeply at the differences in the leadership styles of men and women. The result was the Women’s Leadership Archetypes model, now being used worldwide by women to discover how they can better leverage their natural strengths to lead with purpose, authenticity and integrity.

Ros is a blogger and the author of The Resilient Employee. In addition, she contributes regular articles to Leaders in Heels, The Huffington Post and People Development magazine.

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