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The Ontological Leader

The Ontological Leader invites us to open the covers of our life, so we can find the marvels inside. It invites us to explore our life as an ongoing narrative, where we can constantly refine the inner landscape of our being. The human soul is the hidden side of business.

Nov 21, 2019

Alan Sieler has more than twenty-four years’ experience as an executive coach, coach-trainer and organisational consultant. Recognised as the world’s leading authority on Ontological Coaching, Alan has written extensively about Ontological Coaching. In addition to this book, his other publications are Volumes I, II and III of Coaching to the Human Soul, as well chapters he has contributed to The Complete Handbook of Coaching (three editions) and Further Techniques in Mentoring and Coaching. As a world leader in advanced coaching, Alan is committed to the development of coaching as a genuine profession.

Alan is the Director of Newfield Institute. He has designed a world-leading in-depth, comprehensive and internationally accredited coach-training program, the Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program (formerly GraduateDiploma of Ontological Coaching). Alan also works with a network of colleagues in different countries in the delivery of Ontology as a robust business improvement methodology for organizations to enhance leadership capability, eliminate coordination waste and develop collaborative capital as the means to building a high-performance culture.

Alan has worked with personnel in global and national corporations and government organizations from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, mainland China, England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, and the United States.

Information about Alan’s coach training and corporate services can be found at:

Newfield Institute (Australia) -

Ontological Coaching Institute (global) - 

Both websites have the same wide range of articles on the applications of Ontology for leadership development, organizational improvement, executive and personal coaching, relationships and personal development.

Contact Alan at: